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The Gathering newsletter 05 Feb 2009: Update about 'The West Pole'

Dear all,

Hope you are all fine and well!

We are currently mixing our new album 'The West Pole'. It seems we need a bit more time to make this album something really outstanding, so we decided to postpone the release date a bit. The album will be in the shops first week of May.

As said before the album will also be available via our webshop around March, and we will ship the packages beginning of April. Of course we will have something extra, like always. Because of our 20th anniversery (it all started in 1989), people who buy a special 'The West Pole' package (new album and exclusive t-shirt) will get the EP 'City From Above' for free! Yes, it's our birthday so it’s good to give something away. This EP includes some unreleased tracks that didn’t make it on ‘The West Pole’ as well as the 13 minute epic instrumental titletrack which we wrote for Arr. 2, a combination of dance and music which was performed in The Netherlands in 2008.

To fill the gap between now and the actual date we will put some songs on our MySpace and the announcement of the names of the vocalists (beginning of March), I can give you some song titles of our new album 'The West Pole'. Some titles are: 'When Trust Becomes Sound', 'Treasure', 'All You Are', 'You Promised Me A Symphony', 'The West Pole', 'Capital Of Nowhere', 'No Bird Call', 'Pale Traces', 'No One Spoke', and 'Constant Run'.
What’s more to say about 'The West Pole'? On various songs we worked with a string ensemble, and we used some 'exotic' instruments like Stylophone, and a real Harmonium, a very old wooden keyboard instrument. René produced the album (for the very first time). In fact, everything we could do ourselves, we did. What you get on 'The West Pole' is more The Gathering then ever.

Hans Rutten


The Gathering newsletter 20 Dec 2008: Announcement: new album in 2009!

Dear all,

The waiting is over. Well ... almost!

We are very happy and proud to announce the release of our 9th studio album in april 2009! The album will be called 'The West Pole'. You probably are curious who is singing on our new record. We have found a new (female) vocalist, and we will have two [also female] guest singers on 'The West Pole'.

We can imagine people are anxious to hear some of our new music. However, we will not make it to put new songs online this year. The reason is that some of our (many) guest musicians still need to be recorded and we prefer to present only complete version of the songs. As soon as we have mixed and mastered the album we will put some tracks on the web and of course you will be informed with all possible details. We believe, after hearing the new songs, you will agree the waiting was worthwhile!

We are very, very proud and we feel we made something really special. The album is produced by René Rutten, it will contain 9 tracks and will be released on our own imprint Psychonaut Records. It will be a very extravert, rock orientated, alive album. Typically The Gathering, but with many new elements. This time it's absolutely guitar driven. For sure.

'The West Pole' will be available via our own webshop one month before the actual release date. Like our DVD 'A Noise Severe' we will make special packages. More news will follow soon.

We wish you a very nice Christmas and a superb New Year!

On behalf of The Gathering
Hans Rutten